About This

What are The Foley Diaries?

Observations and chatter about sound post production. When a day off is acquired, I document Foley adventures that are happening around me.

Why Would Anyone do That?

There are around 7 other people in the world who find Foley fascinating, maybe more. There used to be a really great blog on the subject but it discontinued in 2008 so I thought I’d pick up the torch and strike a match.

Who is the Author?

Lou Brown, a Foley artist and editor.

Whenever I’m not making sounds, I’m studying Chinese. This is why this blog have been a bit left out in the cold lately. It’s not an easy language to learn so please don’t yell at me.

8 responses to “About This

  1. On behalf of the other 6 people in the world who find Foley fascinating, i’d like to thank you 😉

  2. Haha! Cheers Sarah, glad to reach one of the others out there.

  3. Hi there! my name is Bechen. I´m from Argentina.
    me and my pals here are working a lot in foley for brasil, mexico, spain and now for some series and movies in the usa. its great that you have this blog so all of we (the 7 crazy labrats) can share our experiences.

  4. Hey Bechen, nice studio you have there.
    Cheers for the kind words.

  5. I know a few people foleying in Serbia (i desperately need that verb).
    Love to record foley outdoors
    Ivan Uzelac

  6. Haha! Yes, there is no very for Foley for some reason.
    Agree with you about recording outside. I do like the natural ‘air’ around feet that have been recorded outside.

    Not that easy when one lives in a city though.

    Please to have you visit the site Ivan, it’s good to meet you on here.

  7. Kind of a crazy question – but I’m streaming in audio production in Canada and was hoping to find a summer internship overseas for May-September … any tips on where to begin my hunt?

  8. Add one more Foley artist from Greece! Hiii everyoneee!

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