Sound and Music Kit For Sale

A few of my colleagues are selling off some of their kit and after battling the great war of OSX’s Safari vs eBay, I decided to post them here in case anyone needs a HD core card or a drum kit. There is one more package to come (Digidesign HD Core card, 2x Process cards and 2x iLoks with software licences) I’m just waiting on the details.

Plea be aware that these are all to be shipped in the UK only or pick up from London, apologies to those overseas. Any enquiries, ping me an email – lou.brown[at]

There is a new super-exciting-thrilling-creative post to come, I’ve been a bit busy moving house, working on Tower Block and suffering from The Sniffles. Hope you are all well.

Here’s a slide show of all the items up on sale. Descriptions and prices below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Blue Sky SAT 6.5 Active Studio Monitors

There are 5 monitors are available and priced at £375.00 each or £1,600 for the set. They are the satellite speakers for the 5.1 system one package, have been recently re-serviced and are fully working.

These monitors can be picked up in central London or shipped at extra cost.

Acoustic Energy Pro Sub

Priced at £475.00 and matches the AE22 satellite monitors with a 20 Watt RMS amplifier to 2x twin 250mm aluminium cone bass drivers and is capable of extension down to 25Hz. The unit is in good condition.

This subwoofer can be picked up in central London or shipped at extra cost.

Digidesign Sync I/O

Priced at £350.00 and in good condition, there’s a small amount of white sticker residue on the far right of the front panel. It features a near-sample accurate lock to timecode or bi-phase/tach signals and a 192 kHz-capable, high-fidelity, low-jitter word clock.

The sync I/O can be picked up in Buckinghamshire or shipped at extra cost.

Digidesign HD Core Card, 2x HD Accel Cards and iLok

Priced at £1.400 and includes 1x Digidesign Avid HD Core PCI-X Card, 2x Digidesign Avid HD Process PCi-X Cards and 1x iLok with 24 software licences including Pro Tools HD 7.2 and DigiTranslator. A list of all the licences can be found here

The cards are in mint condition, the iLok is fully functional with remnants of a white sticker on its exterior. 
The Process cards come complete with TDM FlexCables.
This package can be picked up in Buckinghamshire or shipped at extra cost.
Red Pearl Export Series Drum Kit
Priced at £300.00 It’s an excellent condition five piece drum kit with Stagg EX 14″ hi-hats, 20″ ride and 16″ crash cymbal.
This drum kit is available as only pick up in Buckinghamshire.

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