Wasting Business Cards

Last year I was creating some sound effects for Tootles, an kids cartoon by my good friend Alex Amelines. As a sweet gesture, Alex created a lovely business card design so I could refrain from thrusting my iPhone in the direction of people I’d meet, bleating excuses of a terrible default Vistaprint purchase and pleading for their Twitter username instead.

I finally took 15 minutes out of an admin day to get the designs printed with Moo and joined the professional pool of freelance creatives who can manage the simplest tasks of passing on contact details and understanding the concept of branding.

The week that they arrived fresh, crisp and stacked ready for distribution, I was offered a full time job by Creativity Media. I now have 150 fresh, crisp and wonderfully designed business cards that I’m probably never going to use.

It was in my favourite colour and everything!

So the silver lining I guess is that I will now be working full time for Creativity Media as a Foley editor, receiving training in effects editing, dialogue editing and all sorts of sound post activities. This is no means a sign off from the Foley Diaries though, if I don’t pour my babbles about props n’ cloths on here, I’ll inflict it upon friends and family which will result in eye rolls and social shuns.

So on that note, look at some sexy new props acquired in China. The bells, they are delightful.

The scary tweezer looking thing is an old, weird razor, or so the vendor claimed

Ropes, ratchets and more ropes? That’ll be nautical Foley then.

Everything has been used except the dog ball/rope toy

In all seriousness, I’m absolutely delighted to be doing this full time and getting to push myself both in terms of improving my Foley editing and in learning new sound post skills, becoming more useful to the company and generally discovering how it feels to REALLY appreciate the weekends. Wish me luck, yo.

Creativity Media are on both Twitter and Facebook. I’ll be updating the accounts here and there so do say hello.


7 responses to “Wasting Business Cards

  1. I too made a terrible Vista-print purchase and have a stack of cards that will never be used sitting in a drawer, however I just got my friend who works in printing to make me some new ones based on my own design, and since I’m not a full-timer I will be using them. It’s a smart move I think.

    Congratulations on securing a full-time job! It’s not easy in this industry so well done.

  2. Congratulations Louise! And good luck!

  3. Cheers gents 🙂

    Ewan, you’ll be amused to learn that on the day before I moved out of my last flat, I was huddled over the shredder disposing of the massive box of Vistaprint failures. It was an event in itself, ended up recording the process in order to maintain some feeling of purpose.

    You only ever buy them once.

  4. Ha ha yes, I was thinking that, at least they might come in useful for foley purposes!

  5. The business cards look great! Good job avoiding vista print, they are absolute stalkers!

  6. Maybe I could have them and tippex out the email and phone number? 😉

  7. You would need orange tippex!

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