Seasonal Sounds for the Festive Foley Folk

Arrived back in London from a family visit over the Christmas period which was both relaxing and indulgent. This brief stay at my sister’s home confirmed my dislike of dog hairs in dinner, if it ever needed to be confirmed in the first place. The dog was lovely, the hairs were not.

Just to clarify, the dog is the family pet, not dinner itself. I’m vegetarian you see.

Despite my lack of seasonal cheer, I was more than chipper to be involved in online Christmas greetings by both Beautiful and Hub TV. These two projects were a delight to work on, bells, chimes, glass clinkles (that’s a word, roll with it) and yuletide’s traditional DIY parts.

Yuletide DIY parts

The first piece was Beautiful’s digital Christmas card, a lovely animation consisting of baubles bouncing, crashing and stumbling over one another with a wavy swell culminating in a weighty cone passing the camera at speed, baubles in tow.

This was a delightful project to work on, I was back home in the hometown recording Foley guerilla-style for Tash Force so took the opportunity to raid my mother’s home for unusual items to strike and wobble. This was complimented by a visit to the local thrift store where I managed to bring in the slushy contents of the street off my shoes and take away their collection of porcelain bells and a wonderful candle holder with an infinitely sustained resonance which is probably still decaying at this very moment, so very perfect. It’s the copper/golden chalice looking item in the following picture, near the top, which wouldn’t have looked out of place in Raiders of the Lost Ark.* Consequently, I didn’t drink from it.

The golf balls were unnecessary

* Edit – I meant The Last Crusade… they’re all good, you know what I meant.

The use of porcelain, glass, copper, steel and tin managed to combine itself together and ensure all elements were covered… however there was a significant absence of scatter and spread. I managed to bother the lovely gentlemen in Clerkenwell’s premium Foley/DIY supply store for a variety of nuts, washers and miscellaneous clinkley items that only dads know the true purpose of. Naturally I had a wonderful time throwing these bits and pieces around on the bathroom tiles for scatter, ring and voluminous presence. My flatmate also got involved by donating a German thumb ring, fun for all the family.

Hub TV’s video required reinforcement of the personality and narrative of its two characters. I bundled the video’s director Carl Thompson into the booth for chuckles, wheee’s and grumbles… all within embarrassing earshot of his colleagues. As a result, a third and final recording session provided the necessary characterisations of the lonely and somewhat amorous Father Christmas bauble.

Throw in a good mixture of low, mid, high frequency whooshes, an obligatory jet engine, bells, bauble smashes, squeaks, creaks, foliage and tree shakes smothered with with an unhealthy dollop of reverb and delay and bingo! The story was complimented with a soundtrack of chortling determination and shattering tragedy.

It’s probably, if not totally unnecessary to go into so much detail over a couple of videos, however I’m on a long train back to London and there’s nothing else to do other than avoid eye contact/tedious conversation with other passengers. Hope you’ve all had a lovely festive break and here’s to a prosperous and happy new year to you all.

* Sentimental moment*

I’ve been ridiculously fortunate over the past twelve months in terms of experiences, mentoring and supportive friendships. If it’s not too self-indulgent, I’d love to thank Alex Joseph, Nigel and Keith at Hackenbacker, Paul, Simon, Phill, Ian and Neil at Universal Sound, Ed and Glen at Shepperton, Hugo and Glenn at Sound 24, Sandy, Robin and Alison at Pinewood, Adam at Anvil, Simon, Jason and Hannah at Molinaire, Andrea King, Jack Stew, Pete Burgis, Andi Derrick, Barney Smith, Alex at One Huge Eye, Neil and Louisa at Silent Deer, Tom and Nic at Beautiful, Dean Covill and all the team at Hub TV. I’m indebted to Chris Jones at New Life Purpose for getting me on that plane to China as well as Patch, Rachel, Beth, Renee and Syriah for the essential and gratefully received love and support. Here’s a little shout out too to all the delightfully creative and conversational folk I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on Twitter. You make bus journeys feel less lonesome and at least 13% more interesting. Thank you.


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