Spotting Old Triumphs

Reel one of Tash Force came through this weekend, feels good to finally get on with the work instead of milling around thrift stores trying to second guess the props. Unfortunately this means spotting, possibly the most tedious exercise in the world with exception to packing fibreglass repair kits (yep, done that) and slicing up tomatoes at 3am in Subway (also done that). It’s finally done, I just need to construct a car seat out of a fold-out bed and sofa cushions. This is what Saturday nights are made of.

Anyway, in order to celebrate the passing of adding a billion markers into my ProTools session, I’ve spent a silly amount of time playing around on the Interblags and stumbled upon the updated website of the most excellent Taylor James. It’s well worth taking a look at their work, you can see why so many graduates are scrambling to gain work experience there.

What caught my eye was the Bermuda Tourism television adverts they produced for Globalhue last year. I completed the tracklay for both of these whilst working at Radium Audio, the two ads were a pleasure to work on so it’s nice to see them up on YouTube now.

Well I’m clearly avoiding getting on with work. Must be time for a cup of coffee, planning on working through the night so expect some nonsense Tweets around 3am.


2 responses to “Spotting Old Triumphs

  1. Hi there,

    Just came across this through google. I’m one of thr producers on Tash Force. I hope you are enjoying working on the film. Love your Diaries.


  2. Hey Stephen.

    Thanks for the kind words. Loving Tash Force so far, although I’m currently experiencing it in it’s clothy existence. Looking forward to hearing the final mix.

    Would love to find out who Tash is based upon, quite the character.
    It’s provided quite a few choice quotes for my vocabulary.

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