Polystyrene Spheres and Roll Ons

I’ve recently been working on an animated children’s TV pilot with Alex Amelines. Both these props have been invaluable in performing roller pen Foley. Learning experience; using deodorant to perform extensive rolling, movement will result in extensive gloop on my surfaces. Polystyrene also gets really hot when dragged around on linoleum for a sustained period of time, wonder if an unimpressive smoulder could occur with enough efforts…

Do realise it's a bit meat n' veg

The Foley is already complete, tracklay will be arranged in Logic 8. It’ll feel a bit odd going back top that programme after working in Pro Tools so much, however it’s all about using the Delay Designer tap delay plug-in. Could play with it for hours, definitely have done so in the past.

Similar to Tash Force, I’ll be updating progress of the Tootles Foley and FX on here, will upload sound files that may be of interest although Foley really doesn’t work well for cuting. Anyone need the sound of a plastic kite being hammered? It’s unlikely.


2 responses to “Polystyrene Spheres and Roll Ons

  1. woooo!!! I just stumbled upon your diary! sounds work great… did you try the pliestyrene on fabric, as in a pool table…

    just asking… foley is fascinating, I wish I could play along… better leave it to the masters!


  2. Hey Alex!

    Glad you like the diaries, they’re a bit nerdy but fun to write. I love your interest in the craft, particularly as sound of often considered an afterthought. I take a similar interest in the visuals crafting process, loved your interview with David Sproxton but am definitely keen to leave it to the pros 🙂

    The surfaces I used were linoleum, hard board and oak. Felt fabric surfaces have a lovely warm tone to them but deny chances of small squeaks as the sphere comes to an abrupt halt. Had a go on a variety of different surfaces though, that’s half the fun!

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