This is a Post About a Wooden Case

This week has been one of many purchases. Initiated last Sunday by a chance encounter with a bric a brac store which I swear I’ve never seen before. Pretty sure it won’t be there again when I go back tomorrow, a bit like the fairground machine granting adulthood wishes in Big.

Zoltar Big

What caught my eye from across the street was the ensemble of suitcases, furniture and crockery housed inside. The inevitable parting of money came down to this little wooden case. Absolutely smashing. The latches hold different resistance to one another, leaving one to fly open with minimal force whereas the other isn’t so forthcoming. The handle also has a deliciously ropey, leathery squeak with metal-on-wood rattle.

Wooden Case

Regardless of how lovely and old it sounds, she’s also a pretty thing with heritage. There is still an address label belonging to its original owner, a ┬áMr W. Buchanan from Shepperton, England. That kind of sealed the deal. Looking forward to using this as soon as I can.

Here’s the place where I stumbled upon my find…

Past Caring

It’s located on Essex Road, Angel Islington if you’re curious. Hands off the beautiful, cream rotary dial telephone please, that one will be mine.


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